Newsmax Promotes Awful Man Who Flew Illegal Trump Flag, ‘Trump is President’ and JFK Jr. is His VP

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Last month I reported on Trump cultist Jay Johnson, a business owner in Buffalo, Minnesota, who made it clear he was willing to go to jail for refusing to take down an enormous “Trump 2020” flag that violates city ordinances. Now he’s hoisted a newer and larger flag that features ex-President Donald Trump’s name along with that of his “new vice president” JFK. Jr. Oh, and a QAnon slogan as well.

Now, it turns out, Newsmax is fawning all over Johnson, Joe.My.God. reports.

In the silly introduction, host Bob Schmitt has this to say:

“Just this weekend, he doubled down, put up an even bigger flag. This one is 40 by 60. It is 900 square feet bigger than his previous flag. So this thing’s like 3600 square feet. It is huge. The size of the footprint of a house. He’s also flying it proudly in the small city of Buffalo, Minnesota, which is, I guess, technically a blue state which makes it even funnier. Jay Johnson joins us now.”

Of course, Johnson is full of bluster and he for some reason thinks JFK Jr. is still alive. Apparently, that’s a common belief among hardcore QAnon believers, according to RollingStone. It seems that Johnson is no different.

“Well, Trump, to me, is the one lone ranger and the lone ranger needs a guy by his side, and that’s JFK. And so I decided to put it up and leave the people — think about what’s going on.”

Schmitt wanted to know “where do you, how do you bring JFK into this? Explain that a little bit to me.”

“Well, JFK and Donald Trump were friends,” Johnson said. “And I don’t know if you know this, but Donald Trump is president and Donald Trump needs a vice president. So when the time was right, I bring him out. And he’s your new vice president.”

“There you go, all right,” Schmitt responds.

Indeed. There you go. No real attempts by Schmitt to ask the hard questions. The rest of the sane world knows JFK Jr. died more than 20 years ago, but Johnson has to maintain this fantasy that somehow Trump is president. He’s violating city ordinances to promote this and push theories that have been widely and successfully debunked.

I hope people like this start to fade away because we already know what happened on Jan. 6, thanks to people like this.

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