Arizona Lawmaker Threatens to Sue His Constituents for Mentioning He Was at the Capitol Riot

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We suspect that these “drip, drip, drip” issues within the GOP-MAGA party will continue for some time as more and more sophisticated investigations into the participants on January 6th start really targeting leaders. But this particular case, involving Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem, goes beyond even his activities on January 6th. Finchem has been on the far fringe in many ways. Now that he’s being called out with facts, evidently to his detriment, Finchem wants it to stop. He is running for Arizona Secretary of State (Imagine a MAGA present January 6th as Secretary of State in Arizona, no limits) and Finchem is going to court to just shut these “facting” people up.

When we say “these fact people,” we’re talking about a group trying to recall him from his current job as a state representative.

According to the Arizona Mirror:

The Oro Valley Republican is facing a recall by Rural Arizonans for Accountability who say he stoked voter fraud conspiracies and has ties to organizers of the “#StopTheSteal” movement….

You know trouble is afoot when a politician sees the “Oath Keepers” as a non-partisan organization and the Southern Poverty Law Center an evil group:

One point of contention for Finchem in the cease and desist letter is the connection to the extremist Oath Keepers organization that the recall organizers have pointed out. Finchem has long been tied to the organization but in his cease and desist Kolodin states that the Oath Keepers is a “non-partisan” group and called allegations that it is anti-government to be “spurious claims.” The letter also calls the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website “hate-filled.” 

And then the coup d’etat (Pun very much intended):

Finchem’s letter also took issue with the use of a tweet he made while at the Capitol on Jan. 6….  On his Twitter page, Finchem posted a photo he took of the Capitol after rioters and protesters had breached the inner areas of grounds. He tweeted: “What happens when the People feel they have been ignored, and Congress refuses to acknowledge rampant fraud.” He later deleted his Twitter account.

Rampant fraud, says the man who wants to be Secretary of State but knew enough to delete his account. But that’s not all, he took another picture of the “peaceful protest”:

“Another photograph is of an energetic crowd standing on the Supreme Court side of the Capitol building, demonstrating vociferously but peacefully.”

He also denied that he was ever within 500 yards of the Capitol, but the organizers of the recall state they have a picture showing him on the steps of the Capitol. We know who we believe is telling the truth and it’s not the guy who’s been deleting his Twitter account.

Expose this guy because the danger in people like this assuming positions which oversee elections cannot be overstated.

Peace, y’all
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