Scott Baio Defends Ricky Schroder for Being an Anti-Masker and Twitter Implodes, ‘Chachi’ Never Wins on Twitter

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  “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

Blazing Saddles, 1974

Yeah, well, soon enough we may need some stinking badges. Some of us want to participate in society and we’d like to participate with other people who have had the good sense to get vaccinations. Now, in some places, it won’t be an issue. We suspect we can go to Whole Foods, Jimmy Johns, see any documentary in a theatre, or go to an indoor farmer’s market on Sunday morning and it won’t be an issue. Everyone will be vaccinated. (Is that condescending? Good.)

Last week, the CDC released a statement that said it was lifting the mask mandate for those who have been vaccinated. Well, great, good for all of us. Except most of us don’t have proof of a vaccination other than a schedule card, initialed in pencil. Right now, that chip that is supposed to be in all the vaccines sounds pretty good. As we’ve said before, no chip in any vaccine is going to track us any better than the phone in our hand anyway. Many of us would take a scan bar on our foreheads if we could just randomly go to some club and end up breathing on… nah, too old for that. That doesn’t mean we don’t want the option!

But it is causing issues. Because we have people who won’t get vaccinated under any circumstances and they have the ability to just lie – and they wouldn’t be MAGAs if they couldn’t deal with bald-faced lies. So, they could get into… say, Costco, as Ricky Schroder tried today. The manager at Costco either wasn’t up on the new guidelines, was upholding California laws, was upholding company rules (because Costco doesn’t know who’s been vaccinated or not), or the guy just hates Ricky Schroder. Pick the top two or three choices and they’ll likely all be right to some degree. The manager wouldn’t let Schroder in because Schroder could not bring himself to put a damned mask on, necessary or not. Because he’s a MAGA and no one tells MAGAs what to do! (Except put tags on their car, vaccinate their children before school, cross in crosswalks, don’t drink and drive… Lots of people tell MAGAs what to do, they just don’t like Joe Biden telling them what to do.)

Well, MAGAs stick together and Scott Baio got all hot and bothered by the Ricky Schroder situation (a rarity in his life) and got on the 2021 electric Twitter machine to pretend it’s 1985 and went on a tirade. It didn’t go well. It’s kinda fun. First, Baio:

And here it comes!!

Yeah, that was fun.

Peace, y’all
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