‘Trump or Biden’? Some of the Answers are Too Perfect to Ignore

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As a progressive news-analysis site, it is likely 99.9% of the people reading this have no trouble answering the question, “Trump or Biden.” (The .1% will send emails unfit to print or read). So it is far more important to point out that in the entirety of Trump’s term as president, he never once had an approval rating above 50% while President Biden has hovered anywhere between 55-60%.

Additionally, given the fact that the country is starting to look and act like a self-respecting country again – at least with respect to treating COVID and starting to rebuild – those numbers are unlikely to come down anytime soon.

But as obvious as most of the conclusions might be, some of the descriptions and justifications for the selection are just too clever not to share. We will step aside and comment along the way a bit.

THIS THIS THIS, no one needs to worry about waking up one morning and reading that the United States sold four aircraft carriers to Russia for two of those Russian submarines named “Red October.”

Everything was always about Trump, even to this day, the election and the vaccines are about Trump.

We need to give an example of what the MAGAs could come up with, none of them true:

Ah, so simplistic, so dumb.

Very important to mention dogs. Dogs are better than lie detector tests because they test far more than truthfulness, they test compassion and honesty. A person doesn’t have to love dogs enough to own one, but if dogs clearly don’t like a person, avoid that person.

First president ever to hold up the bill to show his signature in a big black sharpie marker, the same type he used to expand a hurricane into Alabama. Child.

Peace, y’all
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