Vogue Has Decided Their FLOTUS Hiatus is Over — After Refusing Melania, Jill Will Be on August Cover

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We have already been down this road within the last week. The MAGAs were upset that Forbes put Vice President Harris on the cover for an article about Harris’s commitment to benefitting women in this country. But Forbes never once put Ivanka on the cover, who supposedly did the same thing. Yes, that happened. No, the MAGAs didn’t care that Harris is Vice President and Ivanka is a model who worked for daddy.

So now we’re really going to hear them howl. Vogue, yes – that Vogue – with the famed Annie Leibowitz as photographer, has already been to the White House for the trifecta. Leibowitz photographed Vice President Harris, Jill Biden (who is beautiful in cell phone pics), and Jen Psaki. We suspect there has never been a more attractive White House, nor smarter.

But wow, will the MAGAs ever wail. Vogue didn’t once put Melania on the cover.

“It’s pure politics!” the MAGAs complain.

Of course, it is! So? Is Vogue under some obligation to put every woman in the White House on the cover? No. We checked the U.S. Code and there’s nothing in there about fashion magazines having to shoot a Flotus who thought she belonged on Vogue before she was First Lady. Indeed, if we’re going to care about something as ridiculous as pure beauty, Melania falls woefully short of Michelle and Jill. People on the net like to put pictures of Jill up when she was 30 and say, “Wow, what a knockout.” Sorry, but Jill’s far more beautiful now. We don’t need pics of some “younger” women to know it.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing Leibowitz work her magic. And, bonus! Leibowitz didn’t shoot Melania, but she did photograph Stormy Daniels. Why not? Trump evidently thought Stormy was better, for one night, anyway. Who is Leibowitz to disagree, for one photoshoot, anyway?

Here’s the collection from Twitter:

And yes, just to really rub it in, perhaps the best picture of Stormy ever taken. (And we never ever look down on s*x workers and are not about to do so here. It is far more honest work than anything Trump did.)

So now that’s four women Leibowitz photographed in the last four years that were more beautiful than Melania.

Peace, y’all
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