New Pic Adds Embarrassing Question to Trump Pants ‘Issue,’ Net Believes His Pants Are on Backward, Or Uses Elastic Waist

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Last night when we first reported on the fact that Trump appeared to have wet himself, we took time (perhaps too much time) explaining that we hate ridiculing people with normal conditions that afflict the elderly. Hopefully, we will all be elderly some day. We also made it very clear that the only real reason that it was relevant to note is that his health might be deteriorating faster than we thought.

But it is an entirely different matter when we’re mocking the living hell out of Trump for appearing to either wear his pants on backward (purposefully or not) or any other clothing choice faux pas. That is entirely fair game because we’re mocking him for being a dumbass, for fun, on a Sunday. And he has spent his life insulting people.

Again, we’ve accepted that he had a leak issue. One Twitter theory is that the leakage issue showed worse on the front of his pants so he turned them, or he had a zipper blowout that couldn’t be fixed, and thus he wore them backward. (Anyone with his wealth and need to make appearances that doesn’t bring three to four suits and options to every event is inviting trouble.) The most other viable theory is that he basically has suit pants that function like jogging pants, perhaps because he has to hide undergarments, perhaps because he’s continually gaining weight and doesn’t like anything “tight.”  You know the type, elastic waist, the least form-fitting pants a person can buy?

A minority of people argue that the picture of the “backward pants” is a fake (but not the wrinkled wet one, no one is claiming that is fake). The “fake” people are a very small minority. The picture comes straight from the video. But we are including the possibility because we have no confirmation, and thus these are “questions.” The small minority that believe it might be faked have to contend with the fact that many of these pictures are not exactly a new thing according to a Vanity Fair article in 2018, mocking his ever-widening leg size, showing similar pictures.

See the second tweet for something that us has convinced:

That is very very hard to refute. There is no zipper there, at least not a normal one seen on normal suit pants.

We strive to be exceedingly fair and will publish the second picture some rely upon to say it is a fake. (But not the wrinkled wet himself thing). We aren’t convinced at all that this second picture is any better or different than the first. We think it confirms it. But we are putting this out there for our readers to decide:

Some comments from Twitter (We are not putting the full tweets in because they’re picture after picture for a few words)

– It’s a “front butt”
-He’s ass backwards!
-Exactly. This was not faked. He’s losing his mind and Karma’s cashing her stimulus check on his dumbass.

We don’t know with absolute certainty whether the pants are on backward, just abnormal, or someone faked the video that quickly. The 2018 Vanity Fair article above has many “inexplicable” pictures. Again, we don’t make fun of normal aging. We mock the living hell out of Trump humiliating himself.

UPDATE: Snopes has done the work and they have determined the pants are on correctly, just wrinkled.

Peace, y’all
[email protected] and on Twitter @JasonMiciak

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