Reinstatement in August – Trump’s Plan to Head Off Indictment

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Seth Abramson is a criminal defense attorney who has been on Trump’s case for years. In 2018 he wrote Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America. A few days after the insurrection, he made a case that Trump needs to be indicted for sedition.


Abramson goes on to say that former guy thinks if he can push his supporters into believing he really is going to back in the White House in August, this will make it harder for the authorities to indict and prosecute him. He compares him to Saddam Hussein and other “malignant narcissistic sociopathic . . . strongmen” who “ramp up the threat of violence” in order to avoid accountability.

He makes sense, I fear. I have no doubt that somewhere in FG’s demented brain there is really is the belief that he will be reinstated. But in the calculating conniving cortex, he thinks he can use that belief to rally his supporters to rise up and storm the New York attorney general’s office and the Manhattan DA (and perhaps DOJ  and Fulton County (GA) as well) to physically and violently stop the wheels of justice from heading his way.

Threats like these will not stop the authorities from proceeding with any indictments; unlike Trump, they are not cowards. Nor will an actual assault succeed in the end. The Biden administration takes the history of the Jan 6 insurrection very seriously and is prepared to meet any violent assault on any federal institution. I am sure New York feels the same way. (Unfortunately, I can’t be as sure about Georgia.) So any such assault will fail, but not before a lot more people get hurt or killed.

Will such an act of violence move the Republicans to finally do something about the monster they’ve allowed to run free? Silly question. But I expect — I hope — that the majority of the country will take even the threat of violence seriously and do everything we can to keep former guy out of power and in the hands of the law.

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