In One Tweet Nancy Pelosi Proves Her Love of Country While Exposing Trump’s Hatred for All But Himself

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It is June 6th, the 77th anniversary of D-Day, perhaps the most punishing “victory” since the Civil War. Those of us that watched “Saving Private Ryan,” sat there imagining the fear, and the slaughter unleashed upon the initial waves. They were exposed, defenseless, and the reality had to be even worse than the devastating movie scene. June 6th, every year, we should remember that so many gave up their lives within seconds on the beach. Some were 17, some 18 years old. Today we call those people “kids.”

Could we do it? Some of us know deep down, we’d be hiding in the back of the boat, passing out in fear. And that’s why we remember. Those guys that didn’t cower, some of them died in seconds, never knowing if they had the courage. Some, with aggression and a lot of luck, made it. Not a single one was a “sucker or loser.”

They were brave enough to hit the beach when the Germans had massive automatic machine guns pointed right down at them. Trump wasn’t brave enough to face the rain with his hair possibly getting wet. It is enough to almost make one want to throw up.

We could throw up about the entirety of his trip there. The vanity that kept his hair out of the rain, the statement that they were suckers (though that was during a World War I memorial, but it all relates, “sacrifice”). And then the bewilderment, the question, “I don’t get it, what’s in it for them?”

A president of the United States can’t comprehend how some people live for a higher purpose than just getting “what’s for them.” In fact, Trump assumed something was “in it for them,” he just didn’t know what it was. So he asked. He searched for an answer, never thinking that some people don’t live only for themselves.

Now look below. Nancy Pelosi remembered D-Day. But she didn’t just remember D-Day. She remembered the fear, the sacrifice, the horror, and – ultimately, the courage to win the beaches. As she says, “We remain in awe.”

Well, one person doesn’t remain in awe. He can’t be bothered to visit these places when there isn’t anything for him, like his hair looking terrible. We remain in awe that such a person actually represented the United States.

One tweet. Just one. She devastates everything Trump stands for. Notice, she included defeating fascism? There is double entendre in that statement. She is mocking him while warning him. It is perfect.

Peace, y’all
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