On MSNBC the Pennsylvania AG Shows How You Deal With the GQP and Their Fraudits.

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AG Joshua Shapiro was a guest on The Rachel Maddow Show this evening. This is a tweet from the begining of the show:


No weasel words or attempts at politeness. AG Shapiro is blunt and to the point:

  • These sham audits are Bullsh*t.
  • The GOP GQP A-holes who are pushing this BS in Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) are working for Don the Con (his crew) and the Conman’s cult followers. They do not give a d*mn about those few Republicans who refuse to go along with Big Lie of 2020.
  • Dem elected officials and those running for office need to be just as impolite. They need to shout this from the hills 24/7.

The AG was interviewed earlier by Nicolle Wallace:

A Canary in a Coal Mine for sure. Time to seal the cave with a couple of tons of rock before the gas overwhelms our free elections.

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