Why Doesn’t the Biden Administration Return Maureen Dowd’s Calls?

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Maureen Dowd asks that in her her June 6th column.

I answered in my NYT comment, which I do not expect to be published on line, so I am posting it here.

1  Maybe because Dowd’s scoop about Biden using Neal Kinnock’s stump speech ended his 1988 run for the Presidency.
2  Maybe because Dowd gave ALL the benefit of the doubt to Trump and NONE to Hillary in 2015 and 2016.
3  Maybe because Dowd did everything she could to make W look good and to make Gore look bad in 1999 and 2000.
4  Maybe because the very few positive columns she wrote about the Obama administration ALL contained snide remarks about Obama.
5  Maybe because every positive thing she has written about Biden is balanced with negatives so she can be “fair and balanced”.
6  Maybe because Dowd NEVER goes out of her way to treat Democrats well, but consistently manages to go through flaming hoops to say something nice about Republicans.
7  Maybe because Dowd has over and over hurt Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama and has hardly ever helped or praised them.
8  Maybe because Biden and his administration have paid attention to what Dowd has written over the past 35 years.
9  Maybe because just like Trump, Maureen Dowd has NEVER EVER said in print or on TV or on radio to any of the Democrats she has hurt, “I’m sorry.”

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