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Sometimes comedic ‘science fiction’ really is prophetic (and it’s hardly taken five centuries).

We can’t entirely take credit for this. Business Insider observed in 2020:

Somehow, the dystopian future predicted in Mike Judge’s 2006 film “Idiocracy” has gone from far-fetched satire to something closer to a documentary. 

There are some retail-specific ways, however, in which the world we live in currently resembles the world of “Idiocracy.” Here are seven ways that today’s retail world is a lot like the future of “Idiocracy” — and one way it very much isn’t.

And in 2016, on the eve of Trump’s tumultuous first presidential term, Time declared how the “US has become an Idiocracy”:

Nearly everything predicted in Idiocracy has come true, and more. In the movie, the language is so coarsened, there are curses on billboards; the ones for this year’s MTV Movie Awards read F-ck the Tux. As predicted, words are being replaced by pictograms. Kids are having birthday parties at Hooters; in the movie they have them at an overtly sexualized version of Fuddruckers called Buttf-ckers. Back in 2006, Time would never have let me print Buttf-ckers. In the Idiocracy-est moment of the whole 2016 campaign, a Trump supporter who shoved a black protester in the face explained his candidate-selection process to a reporter on MSNBC, Ali Vitali, thusly: “He’s no-bullsh-t. All balls. F-ck you, all balls. That’s what I’m about.” Though George Washington never said those exact words, he would have certainly killed a man for saying them.

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