Gaetz Tweets FBI Director’s Evasive Response to Questions About China, His Obvious Rage Makes Him Look ‘Guilty’

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Every chief of any police department and prosecutor’s office anywhere in this country will give the same answers regarding a matter under investigation. Whether the questions come from the media or the government, the answer as to any specific elements of the investigation will receive a deflection: “We do not go into the specifics in any ongoing investigation.”

The reasons are obvious.

The biggest reason is that the office investigating someone or some entity does not want to give those potential defendants information on the investigation, which might result in the destruction of critical evidence or the manipulation of possible witnesses. There are, obviously, many other reasons.

Christopher Wray might be the single most powerful “chief of police” in the country, he is head of the FBI. At any given point, the FBI has many serious ongoing investigations that Wray will not want to talk about with specificity. But Matt Gaetz doesn’t care. Matt Gaetz is furious at the FBI because it is the FBI that is likely investigating him. And despite the fact that Wray was FBI director under Trump and the investigation was started under Trump, Gaetz is going to cry “Political!” if he is indicted.

Thus was that Gaetz continually asked Wray questions seeking specifics about the investigation on China. Gaetz wants to make Wray look entirely political and weak with respect to China. But in reality, he just looked like a furious and desperate guy. From Fox:

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday avoided specifics when he was grilled by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., about the bureau’s investigation of the possibility that the coronavirus escaped from a Chinese lab or perhaps was even manipulated by the Chinese government, but said his agency is doing a “deeper dive” on the theory. 

Gaetz – who is under investigation by the FBI for sex trafficking, allegations he strongly denies – specifically pressed Wray on the FBI’s interactions with Chinese scientist Li-Meng Yan during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. Gaetz said the FBI seized Yan’s phone when she arrived in the United States on April 28, 2020, and sought to interview her on multiple occasions in connection with the origin of the coronavirus

This is exactly why Democrats are enraged that Matt Gaetz is still on the judiciary committee despite very serious evidence that he engaged in the alleged trafficking. Gaetz is using his position in an attempt to hurt the FBI politically.

Wray is not about to tell the Chinese what they know. The quote below is the perfect example of Gaetz furthering his agenda and Wray’s duty to keep specific and important evidence about China and the virus secret, especially from the Chinese.

Gaetz continued to ask Wray about the FBI’s sustained interest in Yan and complained that Wray was not providing the facts about the origins of the coronavirus because “it is so central to the safety and health of our fellow Americans.”

“I have to be careful not to discuss specific investigations,” Wray replied. “I will say that in additionur investigative work, as I think has been recently publicly stated by the DNI and I think even the president himself, the intelligence community has been looking a to ot this issue. There are differences of view within the intelligence community about the origins of the coronavirus and we’re taking a deeper dive on that subject.”

And Gaetz spread his desperate attempt far and wide:

Obvious and open. This is why Gaetz must be removed from the committee.

Peace, y’all
[email protected], @JasonMiciak

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