It Took Balls for Jeffrey Toobin to Do That

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Greg Gutfeld conceded that Jeffrey Toobin’s on-air confession of his Zoom masturbation incident “took balls.” And yes, that sentence accurately describes the curious state of cable news in which we find ourselves living today.

Gutfeld is the titular host of the recently launched and surprisingly highly-rated Fox News comedy show. And according to a cursory search of Fox News transcripts over the past 20 or so hours, his show was the only Fox News program to mention CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst by name, which is something of a surprise in and of itself, given the rivalry/animus between the two cable nets.

For those unaware, Toobin admitted to participating in what he called a “moronic and indefensible” act. He offered his apologies during a live interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, who was unsparing in the details she confronted Toobin with. The segment was equal parts cringeworthy and, candidly, quite brave. Toobin openly discussed the episode with what seemed an appropriate amount of self-awareness, contrition and humility, though what constitutes the appropriate amount here is unknown.

The Gutfeld! panel of pundits/comedians took turns making jokes echoing the thoughts of many blue checked tweets, though to be fair, the commentary was less comedic and more an expression of shock at the absurdity that unfolded.

After each had their go, the camera returned to Gutfeld, who said “I have to say, it took balls for him to do that,” in what was either earnest commentary or deadpan ironic detachment. The aside drew a big laugh, to which Kat Timpf added “no pun intended.”

So was it an earnest bit of praise for Toobin by Gutfeld or a deeply deadpan joke? Given the Fox News host’s history of anger towards CNN it is almost certainly the latter.  The fact that it’s not abundantly clear is solid expression of where we are now in cable news punditry.

Watch above via Fox News.

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