Lisey’s Story Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Under the Yum-Yum Tree

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A distracted Lisey has accidentally put herself in danger.

To her detriment, Lisey continued to poo-poo Scott’s visions of Boo’ya Moon and his crazy fanatics on Lisey’s Story Season 1 Episode 3.

It also turned out that Amanda knows much more than she was able to put into words.

Denial has been Lisey’s crutch since Scott’s death. But the more she thought back on their time together, the more she was able to retrieve repressed memories, and her certainty about her life continued to slip.

For Lisey, Scott’s Bool hunt started as a fun game, a way to stay in touch with her dead husband.

But now, it’s taken on a new urgency. What is the prize at the end Scott had promised, and how can it help her and her loved ones?

And how was Scott able to see what was to come after his death?

Lisey likely feels that the hunt’s conclusion will ultimately help Amanda and her current condition. That’s why it has taken priority in her mind over, say, actually visiting Amanda at Alberness’s institution.

This caused something of a rift between Lisey and Darla, who has been Amanda’s side while Lisey deals with her issues.

It hasn’t been made clear why Darla has the opportunity to hang with Amanda, but it became evident that this vigil was wearing on her. 

It was hard to blame her for being snippy toward Lisey, especially after Lisey appeared more concerned with finding out if Amanda had Good Ma’s cedar box, a request that seemed so random.

Sisters gonna bicker. But this squabble seemed deeper than that.

Some of it must be jealousy on Darla’s part, especially after she doubted Scott’s future back during the early years of Scott and Lisey’s relationship.

But Lisey got the golden ticket, enjoying reflective glory as a celebrity’s spouse. Likely, in that role, Lisey didn’t always have sufficient time for the little people in her life, such as Darla and Amanda.

Amanda and Scott ended up being kindred spirits, and he was able to help her the last time she suffered a psychotic break, introducing her to the healing waters of Boo’ya Moon.

The trouble was that Boo’ya Moon was sort of a “Hotel California” situation. You could check out any time you want, but you could never truly leave.

Scott knew and appears to be living that reality. Amanda was learning that the hard way.

The problem was that Lisey had blocked out what she had learned about Boo’ya Moon for her own sanity. But the Bool hunt has taken her back there.

The postcard from the Antler Inn returned Lisey to her honeymoon with Scott, where she learned uncomfortable intel about her new husband.

The main truth was that Scott was lucky to be alive after a horrible childhood. The reason why he survived and his older brother Paul didn’t has yet to be addressed.

His mentally ill father cut Paul to let the “bad” out. But he was more concerned about Scott, who had the “gone” in him.

Now Amanda’s comment on Lisey’s Story Season 1 Episode 2 that Lisey would have to keep Scott in this world makes more sense and wasn’t just the ravings of a mentally ill woman.

That also explains why Scott, in a hoodie, appeared to be in Boo’ya Moon with Amanda. He’s “gone” from this world but not totally “gone.” And he’s reaching back from there to help Lisey.

That honeymoon conversation under the frozen tree was Lisey’s first experience with Boo’ya Moon. Yet when Amanda sought her help to escape from there, Lisey denied that the land was anything more than Scott and Paul’s imaginary childhood playground.

Since a renamed Boo’ya Moon was the setting for all Scott’s novels, obviously, he had a deep connection to it. And Lisey was coming to realize that the land had something to do with Scott’s fast healing ability.

Want to bet that Boo’ya Moon and the shadowy Long Boy will become a greater part of this limited series?

While trying to put her memories into context and struggling to complete the Bool hunt, Lisey made the mistake of giving short shrift to Jim Dooley.

Even after watching that frightening post of Dooley’s rant about Scott’s genius, she wrote him off as one of the Deep Space Cowboys that Scott downplayed. Besides, she had police protection.

However, Dooley is one dedicated nutjob determined to get Scott some posthumous love from critics by helping get his unpublished manuscripts into print.

Lisey agreed with the police‘s assessment that Dooley had been scared away.

Only they all underestimated his zeal to spread the gospel of Scott. Dooley thought nothing of burning down a nearby barn to draw away the cop and get him access to Scott’s office.

Dooley got what he was after but lingered, fascinating by the miniature lighthouse (what’s up with that lighthouse?).

This led to his still being there when a buzzed Lisey, after a much-needed reconciliation with Darla, decided that was the perfect time to continue her much-delayed organization of Scott’s papers.

To revisit Lisey’s reconstruction of her life with Scott, watch Lisey’s Story online.

When is Amanda going to drop some wisdom on Lisey?

Is Scott still alive in some form?

How will Lisey escape a showdown with Dooley?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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