“Surround every building with a tunnel … They better dig a tunnel all the way to China to Escape”

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From the Report today.   Let’s hope, and fight, and demand that this Report is not the last word, on the subject … before it is too late.  

“Tunnels” are really NOT the refuge … that some elected officials were expecting them to be …

Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack

A Review of the Security, Planning, and Response Failures on January 6

Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Committee on Rules and Administration

[… pg 40 …]

2. IICD Issued an Investigative Research and Analysis Report on Threats to the Tunnels   On December 21, IICD [Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division] also issued a seven-page “Investigative Research and Analysis Report” (the “December 21 IICD Report”) highlighting the blog thedonald.win, which referenced tunnels on Capitol grounds used by Members of Congress.[227]  The report highlighted the following blog post:  “There are tunnels connected to the Capitol Building! Legislators use them to avoid press, among other things!  Take note.”[228]  The December 21 IICD Report also listed “Patriot Organizations” expected to participate in events on January 6, including Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Stop the Steal, and listed “Secure Communications” likely to be used, including Signal and Wickr.[229]

The December 21 IICD Report attached a map of the Capitol campus that was posted to the blog and noted: “several comments promote confronting members of Congress and carrying firearms during the protest.”[230]  It flagged approximately thirty screen shots of comments on the website, including:

  • “Exactly, forget the tunnels. Get into Capitol Building, stand outside congress. Be in the room next to them. They wont have time [to] run if they play dumb.”

   • “Deploy Capitol Police to restrict movement. Anyone going armed needs to be mentally prepared to draw down on LEOs. Let them shoot first, but make sure they know what happens if they do.”

   • “If they don’t show up, we enter the Capitol as the Third Continental Congress and certify the Trump Electors.”  

  • “Bring guns. It’s now or never.”  

  • “If a million patriots who up bristling with AR’s, just how brave do you think they’ll be when it comes to enforcing their unconstitutional laws?  Don’t cuck out. This is do or die. Bring your guns.”

  •Surround every building with a tunnel entrance/exit. They better dig a tunnel all the way to China if they want to escape.”[231]

According to Ms. Pittman, this report was distributed only to “command staff,” including the deputy chiefs and assistant chiefs.[232]

pg 1




This report addresses the security, planning, and response failures of the entities directly responsible for Capitol security—USCP [United States Capitol Police] and the Capitol Police Board, which is comprised of the House and Senate Sergeants at Arms and the Architect of the Capitol as voting members, and the USCP Chief as a nonvoting memberalong with critical breakdowns involving several federal agencies, particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), and Department of Defense (“DOD”).  The Committees also made a series of recommendations for the Capitol Police Board, USCP, federal intelligence agencies, DOD, and other Capital region law enforcement agencies to address the intelligence and security failures.

  * * * * *

The Committees’ investigation uncovered a number of intelligence and security failures leading up to and on January 6 that allowed for the breach of the Capitol. These breakdowns ranged from federal intelligence agencies failing to warn of a potential for violence to a lack of planning and preparation by USCP and law enforcement leadership.  

The federal Intelligence Community—led by FBI and DHS—did not issue a threat assessment warning of potential violence targeting the Capitol on January 6. Law enforcement entities, including USCP, largely rely on FBI and DHS to assess and communicate homeland security threats.  Throughout 2020, the FBI and DHS disseminated written documents detailing the potential for increased violent extremist activity at lawful protests and targeting of law enforcement and government facilities and personnel.  Despite online calls for violence at the Capitol, neither the FBI nor DHS issued a threat assessment or intelligence bulletin warning law enforcement entities in the National Capital Region of the potential for violence.  FBI and DHS officials stressed the difficulty in discerning constitutionally protected free speech versus actionable, credible threats of violence.  In testimony before the Committees, officials from both FBI and DHS acknowledged that the Intelligence Community needs to improve its handling and dissemination of threat information from social media and online message boards.

USCP’s intelligence components failed to convey the full scope of threat information they possessed. […]

USCP’s lead intelligence component—the Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division (“IICD”)was aware of the potential for violence in the days and weeks ahead of January 6   […]

This investigation purposely did not seek to assess political blame, but instead choose to focus on the security and intelligence breakdowns, and make recommendations for correcting those breakdowns.  They choose to use the term “attack” instead of “insurrection” in attempt to keep their assessment neutral and bipartisan.

Yet that political blame for the failed insurrection attempt itself, still awaits an investigative finding of fact. History demands it.  So does our constitutional form of goverment.

If the statements of the ‘thin blue line’ standing between the certification of the Biden election win, and the overthrow of those results — by force and mob rule — are any indication … that “finding of fact” has a very short stroll to arrive at real the source of this trial-run “attack on America” …

More than 140 police officers reported injuries, including an officer who is going to lose his eye, another who was stabbed with a metal fence stake, and one who suffered a heart attack after being attacked multiple times with a stun gun, according to the report. Seven people ultimately died, including some by apparently natural causes, and two officers who died by suicide days after the siege.

Officers told the committees of verbal and “absolutely brutal” violent physical assaults on that day, plus death threats, name-calling of “traitors” and “Nazis” and racial slurs, as well as being sprayed with chemical irritants, hit with objects or beaten with flag poles.


US Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell was beaten with a flagpole. His hand was sliced open. He was hit with so much chemical spray that the liquid soaked through to his skin. During intense hand-to-hand combat with rioters on the west front of the US Capitol on January 6, there were moments where Gonell thought he might die.


“They called us traitors. They beat us. They dragged us,” Gonell told CNN, in his first interview about the violence he experienced and witnessed on January 6. “And I could hear them, ‘We’re going to shoot you. We’re going to kill you. You’re choosing your paycheck over the country. You’re a disgrace. You’re a traitor.’”


Sgt. Aquilino Gonell […] fought on the front lines against rioters he says attacked at the direction of then-President Donald Trump.


“When we were in the Lower West Terrace and throughout the whole ordeal I had people calling me immigrant, you’re not American, you are a traitor,” Gonell said. “I went overseas to protect our homeland from foreign threats, but yet here I am battling them in our own Capitol.”

Capitol officers set the record straight about January 6 riot

June 3, 2021 — CNN

— —

Why are those on the Front Lines always expected to pay the ultimate price?

While those whom they are protecting — think they’re privileged enough — that they can just ‘cut and run’.

Think they can simply cover-up the horrific overthrow attempt — instigated by “Individual One” — the CHUMP who shall no longer be named.

As he schemes, plots, and instigates his next coup attempt … his next wrench in the works … his next scheme to nullify the voices of the America People, as if it were his divine right, to silence us —  to rule us … like the corrupt autocrat he truly is at his core …

We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” he said.

—  Trump’s Jan. 6 Speech


damn lies

the big lies

the bigger double-down lies

ALL lie in waiting.

While the can-kicking gqp cover-up proceeds

like some uber-cynical clockwork …

scurrying far from the light of day;

hiding in some dark, dank, tunnel somewhere

The time to act is — BEFORE — it is too late

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