Trump issues jealous, resentful statement on Biden’s G7 meeting and sends love to Putin

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President Biden is currently in Europe for the G7 conference, where he is beginning the awkward task of repairing America’s relations with our closest allies after his predecessor Donald Trump dragged them through the mud for four years straight. In all likelihood, it will be largely an uneventful affair knowing that we can trust Biden to not barge his way to the front of the line, or publicly praise Russian President Vladimir Putin, or say anything particularly offensive or racist as we saw Donald Trump do.

But the disgraced ex-president turned Floridian blogger is clearly jealous of his successor’s position and still salty about the events of the Helsinki conference, where Trump infamously clashed with reporters over the Russian interference in the 2016 election and the intelligence community’s investigations into Trump’s election campaign.

Trump issued a statement on Thursday evening, unloading an avalanche of his lingering grievances and resentments over the events of three years ago. Predictably, his ire focused on the fake news media’s negative portrayal of the meeting and all those who slighted him in their efforts to protect our nation from the machinations of foreign hackers, including several high-level intelligence officials. He finished with a sardonic wish for Biden to have “good luck” during his meeting, mocked Biden for his age by reminding him to not “fall asleep,” and demanded that he give President Putin his “warmest regards.”

It is classic Trump projection to chide Biden about falling asleep, seeing as Trump was infamously late for international meetings on a regular basis and appears to have fallen asleep at a state banquet with the Queen of England.

But it’s so telling that even after all this, Trump still can’t help but demand that someone convey his love for Putin to him, showing the same kind of desperate need for fatherly attention and validation that Trump’s own son Don Jr. regularly exhibits towards the elder Donald.

Seeing as President Biden has been participating in international conferences for literally decades, we’re certain he’s not going to have any trouble staying focused — unlike Trump, who was clearly just counting down the minutes until he could get back to his television.

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