LoL DFS Picks & DraftKings Projections for LCK & LPL Slates Sunday 6/13

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Rounding out the four-game series for a few days, we’re in for another set of intriguing matchups on this DraftKings LoL DFS slate. I’ll break down each team and series below while offering up some of my favorite LoL DFS picks throughout.

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LPL Series

LGD Gaming (LGD) vs. Ultra Prime (UP)

WE (WE) vs. ThunderTalk Gaming (TT)


KT Rolster (KT) vs. Damwon Kia (DWG)

DRX (DRX) vs. Afreeca Freecs (AF)

LPL Starting Lineups:

TOP-Garvey TOP-zs
JNG-Shad0W JNG-H4cker
MID-xiye MID-xiaocaobao
ADC-Kramer ADC-Smlz
SUP-Mark SUP-ShiauC
TOP-Breathe TOP-Langx
JNG-beishang JNG-Xiaopeng
SUP-Missing SUP-Patch

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LCK + LPL Slate Breakdown


In the NS series loss, KT couldn’t have asked for a much better game one of the season, where they comfortably took down their opponents. Game two was spotty, and while game three probably should’ve been a victory, NS found an opening and closed the game out shortly after. Their chances against DWG tonight are quite low, and while I have some interest in KT in the future, tonight isn’t the night.


After getting a tightly contested 2-1 win over T1, DWG gets an easier opponent in the form of KT tonight. DWG is once again wildly and appropriately expensive, potentially making them an interesting LoL DFS piece to consider due to their price. I’ll be finding ways to get them into lineups as they’re clearly the correct side here, with ShowMaker as the player I have the most interest in.


Going 1-2 against RA isn’t a terrible result for this LGD roster, however perhaps not so secretly, they should’ve won the series 2-0 before overextending in a lone team fight, putting RA back in the game. As it was their opening series, I’m impressed with the overlay proactivity of LGD, and if they maintain this, they’ll be an interesting LoL DFS team as we advance. If they maintain the level of play from RA, getting LGD this affordable will be very appealing, and while this is a loseable series, I back LGD here, and I really like Kramer tonight.


This is a game where both teams carry moderate to low expectations for the split, and both took teams that are expected to finish ahead of them to three games. Playing FPX competitively in games two and three is massively impressive for the new UP roster. Similar to LGD, if they keep that level of play up, they too have the potential to be an attractive LoL DFS option tonight. Overall this series feels like it’ll be explosive, so while I favor LGD, I’ll have some UP tonight, with xiaocaobao as my UP preferred play.


Even though DRX lost 1-2 against GEN in their opener, it’s a promising result, as GEN appears to be a top-tier LCK team once again. Heading into this series against AF seems like it should be a comfortable win, and I do favor DRX. However, DRX isn’t without faults. There’s only been one series so far, but DRX only put up 12 kills in their game win, while AF only died 14 times in their loss, making this possibly a less attractive LoL DFS option. Pyosik does come out on top for me, though, as a huge performance from DRX likely stems from a strong JNG performance here.


While it wasn’t a clean series, AF managed to defeat BRO 2-1 after handily losing game one. Tonight is a stiffer test, and anything other than their best is likely to see AF lose tonight. Once again, it seems like when AF has success, it’ll be the Kiin show, and once again, his performances will likely cover for a weak bot lane this split. He’s the most talented part of the roster, and if I get to AF tonight, will be in any LoL DFS stacks I run with AF.


Closing out the slate sees the biggest mismatch on paper as WE take on TT. Beating SN 2-1 to open the split is a more than encouraging sign for WE, and getting a much easier assignment on the backend is a pretty just reward. Anything other than a 2-0 for WE here might raise some questions, and the newly renamed Elk is the player I’m most excited to roster in DraftKings LoL DFS from WE tonight.


You might notice that TT died to JDG 20 and 24 times in their two losses, with neither game being particularly close. However, game two was at least an improvement on game, even in a loss. Expecting an upset here isn’t the wildest thing as this is early season LPL. However, I can’t justify playing any TT tonight in DraftKings LoL DFS, but I won’t begrudge anybody willing to buy a ticket.

Favorite LoL DFS pick on the slate:

JNG-Shad0w. Newly minted LPL rookie Shad0w didn’t appear outclassed in his debut against RA, and he receives a more favorable assignment tonight. Of course, DWG/WE are safer options. However, I like LGD quite a bit and look forward to seeing them improve this split.

Favorite contrarian LoL DFS pick on the slate:

DRX/AF-It’s not a good feeling, in particular, to be considering this game on paper, but everyone might be thinking the same thing. I like DRX a lot more, but if AF is criminally under-owned, then I’ll begrudgingly have some of them as well in DraftKings LoL DFS.

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