New trailer for Blood Bowl 3 puts the spotlight on the Elven Union team

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NACON and Cyanide have released a new spotlight trailer for Blood Bowl 3 that looks a little closer at the third team playable during the closed beta.  The Elven Union team (yuck…Elves!  Sorry I’ve always been a dwarf person) rely on their agility to win and take part in every match with grace, finesse and elegance.  You can watch this spotlight trailer below…

The Elven Union team is made up of players from the races of High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves (though how a High Elf would contemplate playing alongside a Dark Elf is beyond me) and are renowned for their agility and passing skills.

Elven teams are composed of four types of players – Linesmen, Throwers, Receivers and Blitzers.  Linesmen are inexpensive and agile, Throwers can make long passes with precision and are formidable when paired with Receivers who make phenomenal catches.  Finally, Blitzers will attempt to block incoming attacks.  Unfortunately, despite their agility and skills with passing, they are fragile and prone to injury so be wary of physical contact.


There’s still a bit of time to take part in the closed beta as it ends on the 13th June. Just register on the official site to gain the key.

Blood Bowl 3 will release on Early Access for PC in September and will fully release on PC and consoles in February 2022.


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