LoL DFS Preview & DraftKings Top Plays & GPP Picks

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With the LCK taking a few days off almost every week, the LPL comes through and late-night League of Legends DFS today keeps it rolling seven days a week. Sometimes the slates aren’t too interesting, like possibly today, but sometimes IG is sloppy, and maybe RA shows themself as a legitimate contender this split against EDG. I’m breaking it all down, and will provide some of my favorite LoL DFS picks for DraftKings tonight.

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LPL Series

Oh My God (OMG) vs. Invictus Gaming (IG)

Edward Gaming (EDG) vs. Rare Atom (RA)

LPL Starting Lineups:

TOP-New TOP-neny
MID-Creme MID-Rookie
ADC-Able ADC-Wink
TOP-Flandre TOP-Cube
JNG-Jiejie JNG-Leyan
MID-Scout MID-FoFo
ADC-Viper ADC-iBoy
SUP-Meiko SUP-Hang

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL Slate Breakdown | June 14


Perhaps something clicks with OMG in the future and they’ll be a team worth watching, however I wouldn’t bank on that time being now. Talent-wise, IG outshines them across the map, and it’s tough to map out how they’ll even take a game here. With OMG as big dogs in this spot, it’s extremely unlikely that I will find my way to them in many League of Legends DFS lineups.


I know what you’re thinking right now. This is the exact type of series that IG messes around in and loses. Perhaps that’s true for the old IG, however the new IG has a legitimate coach now, and hopefully he’s keeping everyone focused at all times, especially after losing 0-2 to EDG. IG are clearly the correct side here, and with the other game being in theory closer, everyone on IG is more than selectable for LoL DFS.

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On paper this is supposed to be the closer of the two series, but I’m not sure this isn’t just another 2-0. EDG did drop a game to BLG to open their campaign, but a clean enough 2-0 over IG has me less worried that EDG drops this series. Flandre vs. Cube is a fun matchup in the top lane, and if Flandre is provided resources to flourish, he can quickly become a force in League of Legends DFS.


Since this is a two game slate, I imagine I’ll be playing some RA tonight as I do still believe they’re the more likely team to take at least a game as an underdog. In any case, RA will need a smart game plan against possibly the smartest team in the LPL, alongside players like iBoy really maintaining a high level throughout. Leyan is a bit of a wildcard, however if he finds success early, not only would it help RA’s chances, it’d also make him worth a look in LoL DFS.

Favorite Pick on the Slate:

MID-Rookie — Even though there’s a chance that the rest of the map gets ahead enough to nullify Rookie’s LoL DFS impact, the flipside is that he’s given a strong champion and really is the one to get the game out of hand.

Favorite Contrarian Pick on the Slate:

MID-FoFo — By virtue of being the more appealing dog, FoFo will almost certainly find his way into some lineups, as he’s the core piece of RA.

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