Watch Biden Be an Absolute Gentleman and the MAGAs Try to Turn Him into a Weak Loser, Including Kayleigh McEnany

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Oh, Kayleigh, Kayleigh, Kayleigh. It is so nice ignoring you.

Yes, it is nice to ignore you except on those special occasions when you think you’re being all cool and MAGA and but you end up looking like a dumbass, almost as bad as the folks in the “beater” shirts and MAGA flags. Kayleigh, you went to Harvard Law, you’re supposed to be better than this.

Do you remember this humiliating moment? Kayleigh, we will tell you who remembers this moment, every single other world leader at the conference. And once the world starts hating you, the United States’ power starts melting away, Kayleigh.

Is this “America first,” Kayleigh? Is this the United States president putting America first? Because the only thing that respectable nations saw is a jackass believing that pushing people around physically is a sign of true power. It’s not, Kayleigh. It is a sign of insecurity and the American president should never be insecure.

No, Kayleigh, the United States President doesn’t need to shove his way past other leaders to be the most powerful “man” in the bunch. (Soon to be woman, too, if we’re to have any hope.) A good United States president has the rest of the world surrounding him without any pretense or insecurity, such that he’s pushing himself up the very front.

Real power comes from real respect. Kayleigh. Have you ever heard the saying, speak softly and carry a big stick, Kayleigh? The world is well aware of the fact that the United States, its economy, and its military, is quite a stick, when used by the right guy, like one who speaks softly and like a gentleman. This man, the one who politely insists upon others moving first, has real power.

No. It wasn’t a race, Kayleigh. It wasn’t “the first guy loves his country the most.” Nope. None of that. It was a man comfortable in his own skin, gracious enough to let others lead the way, knowing that he can lead anything.

So, yes, Kayleigh, it is a bit of a metaphor. It is “America is back” with a real president, a polite man, ready to help, which is something the United States used to do very well. The rest of the world sees it, Kayleigh, and they know who’s putting America back on top.

Now, watch the MAGAs line up with Kayleigh, thinking that “this” represents anything beyond being great. Oh, and do remember Trump the bully, shoving his way up front, will you?

JFC, the above. They want to talk about a man with no friends? Joe Biden is friends with his wife! That is one more than Trump has. We will see who has friends when the criminal indictments start coming down and who is pointing at who.

Sweet Baby Jesus as prime minister, Trump was ‘the boss”? Perhaps they didn’t notice, but Trump wasn’t even the boss of our antagonists! Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, North Korea, these were his “friends” and he was most certainly not “the boss.”

Peace, y’all
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