Artist on Twitter Creates One of the World’s Greatest Edits, Biden Pushes Trump Aside at G7

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Let’s set this up quickly for those who might have lives and aren’t quite aware of the two contrasting videos.

As almost everyone knows, Trump humiliated the United States on the world stage nearly everywhere he went. Early in his term, he went to China. During a press conference, he talked about his optimism that the United States might work in partnership with China because… “They couldn’t have treated me better.” Go ahead and smash your head against the wall if you were unaware of that one. United States foreign policy looked like it would depend upon how its autocrat “felt.”

Trump felt like an autocrat, all-powerful, and took his act on an international tour, humiliating good Americans. He couldn’t help it. He’s been that way since birth. He could grow wings more easily than he could change his mentality. His narcissism created this unforgettable and humiliating moment.

We will never forget it. It was so symbolic. It was everything “Trump” about Trump and everything about the U.S. under Trump. We would be pushing past other respectable nations to puff out our chest as if that’s what makes the U.S. strong, the autocrat, the guy literally pushing others around. Trump would treat others like sh*t and American foreign policy depended upon others treating him well. (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey as exceptions, of course)

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been over in Europe treating others with graciousness, being a true gentleman. Yesterday, Biden politely let the other leaders ahead of him, like a gentleman comfortable in his own skin, one who didn’t need to push people around in order to show his strength. Joe was there to represent the United States and “America is back” Macron told the world, “a breath of fresh air,” according to Boris Johnson. That is strength. This is strength.


Kayleigh and the MAGA’s attitude about polite behavior and Trump’s rude aggressiveness is what makes this below so damned special. It is literally one of the best edits we’ve ever seen, be sure to mark it. Gentleman Joe is bringing America back by pushing one guy aside.

Yes, O.M.G. indeed. The net almost fell over.

Indeed it does!
Peace, y’all
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