Keystone, Batteries, VP Harris at Pride Parade-Good News

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Cheers and Jeers archive and future editions here. Way, way more than 2 thanks to The One, our Wicked Wizard of Wit and writer of Who Won the Week, Willhelm von kosland!

  • Washington, the 13th state to join the “70% Vaccinated Club”
  • Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), for finally serving slippery Rep. Mo Brooks (CULT-AL) with a lawsuit alleging he was a co-conspirator in the Jan. 6 insurrection
  • Europe’s nerves, now calmed as President Biden arrives to assure the G-7, NATO, and EU that “America is back”
  • Vermont’s state government, including GOP Gov. Phil Scott, for passing a law establishing universal mail-in voting
  • Biden’s first three confirmed judicial nominees: Julien Neals (NJ), Regina Rodriguez (CO), and first-ever Muslim American federal judge Zahid Quraishi (NJ)
  • The indigenous tribes, landowners, and environmentalists who fought for years to keep the Keystone XL pipeline from going online, as the project is permanently scrapped
  • ProPublica, for snagging a massive trove of tax records showing billionaires pay little to nothing in income tax compared to their massive wealth
  • The reverse-hackers who clawed back most of the ransomware paid to the crooks who shut down the Colonial Pipeline…and the agents who led a global online sting operation that nabbed 800 evildoers
  • The world vaccination effort, as the U.S. donates 500M Covid doses, and G-7 nations donate another 500M to help poorer nations get their citizens vaccinated
  • Our new cicada overlords

Bill’s Friday poll is here.

Who do you think won the week? Who made a winning move after Bill’s deadline on Friday?


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As always, please share more Good News than I can find or provide.

This is a group diary, and by my power I declare this Good Gnus Salo(o)n open! Let the good-news sharing and community building begin!

Power with, not power over ❤️ ✊ ❤️

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