Pamela Brown Fact-Checks Nurse Opposing Vaccine Mandates

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CNN’s Pamela Brown fact-checked Houston Methodist Hospital nurse Jennifer Bridges, who is leading a lawsuit against the hospital for requiring its employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. A judge recently dismissed the case, with an opinion that included scathing criticism aimed at the plaintiffs.

“In a health care situation where we deal with vulnerable people — think of people with cancer, people with illnesses who don’t have good protection and rely on everyone else for protection — that’s our sacred obligation to do that and to protect them,” the President & CEO of Houston Methodist, Dr. Marc Boom, told CNN yesterday. He added, “Ultimately, people like Ms. Bridges and others do have a choice. Their choice, if they don’t want to be vaccinated, is not to be employed here and seek employment elsewhere.”

Bridges told Brown Sunday night that they plan to appeal the dismissal of the case, she anticipates the lawsuit will reach the Supreme Court, and maintains the assertion that the vaccines violate the Nuremberg Code, a set of ethical standards for medical experimentation that was created in the wake of WWII. The standards were a result of Nazi doctors forcing sterilizations and painful experimentations on their victims without consent.

In the interview, Bridges stood by her Nuremberg claim saying, “this is pretty much what they’re doing right now.”

“Of course, we’re not going to say this is nearly as big as the Holocaust was,” Bridges said. “But at the beginning, the way they did make people have trials and injections, medications, procedures against their will. This is pretty much what they’re doing right now. They are forcing people to take a shot when they don’t want to and they’re not giving the proper, informed consent. Nobody is told the risk factors before getting this injection.”

Brown interjected to say, “There is no comparison to the Holocaust.”

“They held medical experiments on people and some died,” Brown added. “It was painful, it was awful. How could you even compare it to that?”

Bridges responded: “I didn’t compare it to the Holocaust. But I did compare it to the beginnings of it which is the Nuremberg trials to where they did do medical procedures, injections, medications against people’s wills and they did not have a choice in the matter.”

Brown then noted the vaccines went through multi-stage trials and received emergency authorization from the FDA when it was shown they were safe. She also added that Bridges’ hospital does allow religious and medical exemptions from the vaccine, but Bridges said it’s not enough since “they’ve actually denied about 70%” of those requesting an exemption.

Bridges then claimed her lawsuit is not political, and claimed the vaccines have been linked to a variety of medical complications including miscarriages — a claim that is entirely unproven.

Brown cut in to play a clip of epidemiologist Dr. Abdul El-Sayed telling CNN that studies showed “there was no greater risk of miscarriages among people who received the vaccination versus folks who received salt water.”

“The science shows us there’s no greater risk among people vaccinated versus people who have not,” he said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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