‘You Do Realize There’s No Comparison Here to the Holocaust?’

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One of the things that simply drive those of us on the left crazy is when the media gives the most insane MAGA rants equal weight as the fact-based universe. Facts are those things that happen to be true whether one believes them or not. We have seen it time and again, an analyst sits and listens to complete bullsh*t, based on whatever happens to feed the Right-Wing narrative at that point in time, and simply lets the idiotic pass as if it is just as valid as Isaac Newton’s equations.

Now, we have to be a bit fair here (if we want to live in the factual universe, we need to acknowledge facts), The media has been better at pushing back since late in Trump’s term, especially after the election, and really after January 6th. Even the news analysts on Fox (maybe not Sean Hannity or Tucker) acknowledge that Trump lost the election. The other networks immediately call out the big lie.

We are in another situation now with the vaccine because, of course, we are. When one is anti-fact, one is always anti-fact. When one distrusts science, one always distrusts science. One of the MAGAs’ newest and most dangerous claims these days is that the vaccinations are akin to Nazi Germany because the MAGAs are treated as second-class citizens. They will tell you that in Nazi Germany, when people were second-class citizens, they were eventually led away on train cars to the ultimate horrors. The MAGAs believe they are suffering the same fate and they believe this even though the government is not forcing them to take the vaccine!

On Sunday night, Pamala Brown heard a version of the theory espoused by a registered nurse (who should have her license taken away). Watch as Brown stops this MAGA cold by simply dumping some cold water on her, which then falls just like Newton predicted in a universe where things are true, whether she believes them or not.

Very well done. Take notes all you others out there on television.

Peace, y’all
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