Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump Amid Biden Putin Meeting: ‘He Lifted Up Putin… We Lost Four Years, We Emboldened Putin’

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Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin recently met up and it seems to be the talk of the political town today. Many are criticizing Joe Biden for his easily confused demeanor over the last few days of global meetings. Many on the left though, have attempted to shore up Biden’s image by saying how they think he is better at communicating with Putin than former President Trump.

The left is also furious that Putin has, to some extent, shown some support for Donald Trump supporters in the United States, and has accused the Biden administration of giving his political enemies harsher prison sentences and more investigations than usual. It’s left for you, the reader to decide, what you think of all that. But many Trump supporters do feel like Biden may be weaponizing his power against them.

Bitter Hillary Clinton wanted to get some words in, and although she can trash Trump now that he’s not the president, Donald Trump will also be a former president and Hillary Clinton will probably never be one. That is one thing she will probably never get over. Additionally, Trump is popular enough with GOP voters to run again, whereas Hillary may not be.

Hillary Clinton went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to once again rear her washed-up head and trash former President Donald Trump. “The problem is that Trump has elevated him (Putin), Trump from the very beginning, even when he was running in 2016 basically lifted up Russia, and lifted up Putin”.

Note that she mentioned 2016, a sore time for Clinton when she lost to Donald Trump. She continued bashing Trump, which comes immediately after the MSNBC host just said that giving Trump attention is not what his detractors should do, to say:

“And that behavior and that rhetoric continued, so it’s difficult to say let’s turn the clock back and go from where I thought we were when I left being secretary of state to today. The circumstances have changed. He’s attacked our country with relatively few consequences. He invaded Ukraine, he now basically has troops stationed on the border in Ukraine in the part that he occupies posing a continuing threat to Ukraine. He has been the major partner along with Iran of Syria and the horrific treatment that we’ve seen over these years of the bombing and other attacks on civilians driving millions of people out of their homes. So we can’t turn the clock back.”

This was basically her preface before actually saying what she thinks about how Biden should be with Putin, a big Trump trashing party in our view. But she then continues to actually address the situation of today:

“But I think what President Biden understands is he wants to sit across the table as I have done with Putin and basically look him in the eye and say, let’s figure out where we can work together. Climate change, these kinds of issues, let us tell you where we no longer are going to abide, and there will be consequences, don’t test us”, says Clinton. She went on to call Putin an authoritarian. She said that some people look to him because he’s an authoritarian and that they wish democracy weren’t so messy and difficult. She said that the U.S. didn’t only “lose four years” referring to Trump’s time as leader, but that Trump supposedly “emboldened” Putin.

In essence, Clinton spent a little time talking about Biden and most of her time trashing Trump. Watch:

Time will tell if Trump responds to Clinton in a press release since he is still not allowed to post on Facebook or Twitter, but it is likely he will have something to say back to Clinton. If he does we will do our best to report on that as well, so stay tuned.

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