VIDEO: Reporter Comes Out As Whistleblower For Project Veritas Live On Air, Says She’s Been ‘Muzzled’ by Fox

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Ivory Hecker, a reporter with Fox 26 in Houston, Texas, revealed live on air that she is the next whistleblower from Project Veritas, with her concealed recordings to be released on Tuesday.

During a live report on a number of power outages across Texas’s Montgomery County on Monday, Hecker broadcasted to all the viewers watching Fox 26 the upcoming release of surreptitious recordings from Fox Corp officials. Hecker said that the Fox Corp has been “muzzling” her in order to “keep certain information from you, the viewers,” with Hecker alleging that she was not the only reporter who had been subjected to that pressure.

She confirmed that multiple “recordings” will be released on Tuesday “about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox,” by Project Veritas, who she described as a “non-profit journalism group.”

In a post on Telegram, James O’Keefe said that Ivory claims she has witnessed “corruption and censorship first hand,” and has it “all on tape.” The recordings will feature both her “superiors and colleagues,” O’Keefe said. Project Veritas is most well known for taking down Democrat operatives and lefist media organizations, with an investigation into Fox Corp being one of their more prominent forays into investigating a generally more right-wing news establishment.

In April, Project Veritas released undercover footage of CNN’s technical director, Charlie Chester, admitting that the network engaged in anti-Trump “propaganda,” and that their “focus” was to remove him from office in the 2020 election. Speaking to their undercover reporter, Chester argued that it was down to CNN that President Trump was not re-elected last year. “Look, what we did. We got Trump out,” Chester said. “And I 100% believe it that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t that Trump would’ve got voted out,” he added.

Last year, O’Keefe and Project Veritas gained access to a number of CNN’s morning calls with top executives. In the morning call dated 9th October, CNN President Jeff Zucker can be heard telling staff that they must not “normalize” the crazy and “erratic” behavior of President Trump, who Zucker alleges may be suffering with symptoms related to steroids.

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