Ellie Honig Rips Tucker Carlson’s Claim FBI Behind Jan 6th

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CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig thoroughly destroyed the “absurd leaps of faith and outlandish” conspiracy theory espoused by Tucker Carlson, that somehow FBI operatives were behind the January 6th insurrection on the capitol building by Trump supporters.

Carlson flatly stated on Tuesday night that “FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol,” added that there are still “basic factual matters” we still don’t know about January 6th, and asked, “Why is the Biden administration preventing us from knowing?”

Citing a Revolver News report, Carlson added “Some of the key people who participated on January 6th have not been charged. Look at the documents. The government calls those people unindicted co-conspirators. What does that mean? Well, it means that in potentially every single case, they were FBI operatives. Really. In the Capitol on January 6th.”

Honig dismissed Carlson’s claim on Twitter shortly after it aired, saying “‘Unindicted co-conspirators’ does not equate to “FBI operatives.” (Nobody who knows law enforcement would even use that strange phrasing). Appearing Thursday morning on CNN’s New Day, Honig expanded further on that idea — referencing the nearly nine years of his work as a U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York.

“He’s got it wrong,” Honig opened, before explaining how the phrase “un-indicted co-conspirator” is not something you can apply to someone working for the FBI because a conspiracy is a meeting on minds to commit a crime. “However, if you’re an FBI undercover or if you’re an informant, you aren’t really part of the criminal agreement you’re pretending for the sake of the investigation. So no prosecutor would ever use this phrase, un-indicted co-conspirator, to refer to someone working for the FBI.”

Honig then respectfully dropped his legal bona fides on the Fox News host, adding “Tucker Carlson, all due respect to him, I’ve written a few more indictments than he has. He’s got that dead wrong. It’s physically impossible. Legally impossible.”

Honig then went further by citing documents in Michael Cohen’s case that the Justice Department referred to as “generic client 3,” adding “Now, later it came out in court papers that that client 3 was Sean Hannity. I think he works with Tucker Carlson.”

John Berman, playing the straight man, asked “Was he working for the FBI?”

“He was not,” Honig deadpanned. “Carlson is making absurd leaps of faith that are outlandish.”

Watch above via CNN.

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