Lara Trump Misses “The Good Old Days,” When Trump Didn’t Need to Prepare for Anything

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Anyone can do almost anything without any preparation. We can all go and try to take someone’s gall bladder out, but we’re not going to have a lot of success, nor will the person without some preparation, like education and experience in medicine. We aren’t sure why Lara Trump believes that a lack of preparation, or without any need to prepare, especially on the world stage, demonstrated Donald Trump’s strength.

She talked about Biden’s “preparation” for the press conferences in Europe as embarrassing:

“Remember the good old days, guys, whenever Donald Trump would walk to Marine One unprepared, no note cards?

He would just go and say, ‘You, you, you’ — call on anybody and everybody. We had transparency from our White House. I mean, this is important stuff.

Call on people and be transparent? Ask Yamiche about that. Being told one is a terrible reporter who asks terrible questions is not transparent. Additionally, calling on someone and then immediately lying is not being transparent, either.

Are you kidding me? You are the president of the United States. Think about the signal that this sends to our adversaries, to Vladimir Putin, to Kim Jong-un, to Xi Jinping, to people that are kind of looking for weakness within the United States. It makes us look ridiculous. It is embarrassing.

The United States never looked weaker than when it had a president that was too lazy to prepare himself. It was humiliating.

We absolutely promise that the leaders of each one of the countries referenced above worked extensively ahead of time for meetings with the United States’ President and prepared extra extensively for Trump because they could get so much from him, precisely because he was never prepared.

And then, of course, Lara turned to bash Vice President Harris because she is an easy target for the misogynist and racist Right. Joe is too popular.

She needs to do something about our southern border. She needs to answer questions. She can’t just laugh them off and cackle about it like she’s been doing. But don’t forget, she dropped out of the race, guys, for the Democrat [sic] primaries before her home state of California even voted.

Kamala is the target because Joe is way too popular to try to knock down right now and Joe is likely even more popular after his Europe trip because it was very successful, he was welcomed as a “breath of fresh air.”

Of course, Kamala took all the blame for border problems arising from Trump’s horrific policies on the border.

She probably thought, ‘I’m in over my head here. Now she is vice president of the United States and I think we’re seeing the consequences of possibly choosing a person based on identity politics, based on their gender and not qualifications. This is what you get.

No. She probably thought, “I don’t have enough money to sustain a real campaign forward from here.” She didn’t believe she was in over her head. She was prepared, just out of money and that is fitting because Trump was unprepared in 2020 and ran out of money in September. Trump was too lazy to prepare and he was too arrogant to listen to those around him who did. That is one dangerous combination and a reason that the international scene prepared so hard.

Peace, y’all
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