Osama bin Laden’s Niece Protests Biden-Putin Geneva Summit With Massive ‘TRUMP WON’ Flag

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Noor Bin Ladin, the niece of Osama Bin Ladin, appeared outside the Biden-Putin summit in Switzerland with a “Trump Won” flag from her boat to protest the meeting between the two leaders.

Biden Ladin, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, was captured on video waving a large “Trump Won flag” from her boat outside of the summit where Joe Biden had a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

She posted the video on Twitter with the caption “Before the police came,” adding that “Switzerland does not want the world to see this,” in a separate tweet.

“Just like at the G7, today Joe Biden showed the whole world what a joke he is,” wrote Bin Ladin. “There’s a reason why he was kept in his basement throughout the election cycle.”

An observer can be heard saying “oh wow!” as the flag is hoisted up into the air. Bin Ladin broke the internet when she wrote a piece for the Revolver titled Noor Bin Ladin Reflects on Osama’s Death and Biden’s America, Where Patriots Are the New “Terrorists” in which she warns of the American Deep State and it’s treatment of American citizens.

“Barring a few prescient voices warning of the threat it would pose to Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights, support for the Patriot Act was overwhelming and thus was set in motion the unprecedented growth of the national security apparatus. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was swiftly created, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was expanded, the National Security Agency (NSA) and other intel agencies were given more reach — all in the promise that it would help prevent future attacks.

Two decades on, it’s painfully obvious that those who had sounded the alarm were right: the very measures enacted to protect Americans from foreign threats are now being used to terrorize them if they dare question their rulers’ legitimacy.”

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