Jordan Klepper Confronts Mike Lindell Who Storms Out

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The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper has made a lot of hay by visiting MAGA rallies for great comedic gain and using his deadpan delivery to illustrate many of the willfully misinformed followers of former President Donald Trump.

Last week, Klepper visited a MAGA rally hosted by MyPillow CEO, and chief stolen election conspiracy theorist, Mike Lindell, and the interview between the two went about how you would imagine.

The segment opened with interviews with rally-goers that were pretty much what one would expect: nonmedia savvy individuals leaving themselves vulnerable to editing that makes them look even worse than they reveal themselves to be. But it was the confrontation between Lindell and Klepper that was the “money shot” as it were.

Klepper skeptically confronted the MyPillow CEO on his stolen election conspiracies. “This is the crime of the century you’re describing and they came to the MyPillow guy,” he said, before challenging him on his efforts. “Is this helping, Mike? Ginning all this up?”

“Do you know what this is doing?” Lindell avoided the question and hit back at Klepper, who answered  “It’s perpetuating anger, fear, and attacking our democracy.”

Klepper then compared Lindell’s constant promising of new evidence that will finally prove his baseless conspiracies to other unsolved mysteries. “It’s like watching that Bigfoot show,” the Daily Show host said. “They don’t find Bigfoot at the end, but if you tune in next week, maybe it’s going to happen.”

Lindell didn’t like that comparison and stormed off with a disgusted wave, saying, “You guys are horrible.”

Watch above via Comedy Central.

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