Newsmax Host Suggests That States Will Enter Into ‘Rebellion’ Against Biden — and Likened it to the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars

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Sooo, this happened. Liberty Loving Latino” Chris Salcedo went on quite the rant today while saying that more states were going to “rebel.” This is a serious issue because we’ve had far too much rebellion of late and we continue to await the next violent act because it always feels like a day away. Perhaps it will never come. Perhaps it will be worse than we thought.

But one thing we know, Salcedo is one odd duck and he clearly hates Democrats:

“As socialist Democrats show their hatred for our Constitution, the rule of law, and our country, as they show their hatred for our people, an awakening is occurring,” said Salcedo. “It’s an awakening that the Biden Press can’t hide. Despite the left-wing media’s best efforts, the American people — Blacks, Latinos, Whites, and Asians — they’re starting to connect their misery to the socialist Democrat policies that are causing that misery.

Actually, if anything, the American people want more socialism, because the United States has always been a bit socialist, it just mostly goes to the rich. Who got more money during the epidemic, wealthy corporations? Or the bottom 50%? More money paid directly to the bottom 50% is what is bringing the economy back. During 2009-2010, the government “loaned” money to the banks and big corporations at rates so absurd that even Trump could’ve made money.

If this, right now, is socialism? What does that make that? Besides, quit calling us socialists, few of us are. Besides, quit using it with spite since your viewers love some socialism when it goes their way.

Additionally, we cannot stand it when the Right claims “Our Country” and references contempt for the majority that voted for Biden.

“Let’s give credit where credit is due,” Salcedo continued. “This sea change wouldn’t be happening if Biden were halfway competent and had the stamina to stand against the anti-American elements that are making policy in his backward administration. And because of their extremism, I expect more states will rebel against the lawlessness that is harming so many Americans. To those Americans, I say: Welcome to the Rebellion. May God and the Force be with you.”

We were the resistance. One resists against force, including forceful stupidity and hate-filled policy. But one doesn’t go on offense. The force shouldn’t be used as an offensive weapon, and Why. The. FFFFf. is Salcedo referencing the “Force” anyway? Is this his normal sign-off? If so, seek help.

“Anger”? Check.
“Fear?” Check
“Aggression?” Double Check

Dark side. But we knew that already. It is actually quite dark.

Peace, y’all
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