Marco Rubio Gets Humiliated by Lt. Col. (Ret) Vindman’s Wife: ‘Oh, No You Don’t!’

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One of the most craven aspects of the modern GOP – eve prior to Trump – was the pols’ willingness to rewrite history with pure propaganda. In short, Republicans were never afraid to alter the historical “facts” to suit their purposes today. One can see a great example in that it is now almost “established” in MAGAville that Twitter kicked Trump off for lying, when – in fact, it was January 6th and the potential for more violence that led social media to dump trump.

There are obviously many more. We did, however, see Marco Rubio attempt to “re-do” history yesterday, and yet he couldn’t even get through one sentence without stepping on a rake. It is so fitting that Rubio’s manipulation was called out, immediately, by Rachel Vindman, wife of retired Lt. Col. Vindman, one of the many victims of the Trump term. Evidently, Rachel has a podcast (Who doesn’t! Not us), The Suburban Women Problem podcast, which we might want to check out because she’s sharp.

Last week the Biden administration announced that it was withholding some aid to Ukraine. We aren’t familiar with the rationale, we’re in no place to comment. Marco thought he saw an opening to do some MAGA re-write. Marco wanted Americans to believe that withholding aid from Ukraine got Trump impeached, not the “I need you to do me a favor, though.”

Trump got impeached because he was caught putting his campaign first, ahead of U.S. foreign policy and Ukraine security. Now it all seems a bit quaint, given that Trump couldn’t put COVID first over his failing election odds, then couldn’t even put democracy first. So it is tough to remember what all went on back then. Rachel knew and jumped:

Nice job. Don’t let them whitewash everything.

Peace, y’all
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