Marco Rubio Doesn’t Say ‘Happy Fathers Day,’ Instead, Infuriates the Net by Saying Fathers Cure All Social Problems

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Some of us managed to have the best father on earth and still found a way to screw it all up. It just goes to show that generalizations and stereotypes are seldom helpful. One would think that Marco Rubio would learn this lesson because simple-minded Marco steps on the same rake every time he opens his mouth. Given that Marco had a dad around the house, one would’ve hoped there’d be a lesson in there about doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Or, Marco could’ve gotten that advice from a great single mother, had he been in that situation, because even though fathers are important, the old fairy tale about the “nuclear family” is just that, a fairy tale. Look at how many rich kids were raised by the help, the type whose dads showed up for pictures and such, then running off to the club. There is an entire generation of rich white men in the south who were raised by black women. Look at Trump. The most important factor in raising a child is having at least one loving parent around. Two disinterested parents equate to “no parent,” because two times zero is still zero.

But Marco had some good stereotypes to throw out today and instead of saying Happy Fathers Day (which, he didn’t say), Marco blamed every single social problem on the lack of two-parent nuclear families in a community:

True. Billions in government spending is no substitute for fatherhood, but who said it was? We were of the impression that SNAP was a substitute for food money because one didn’t make enough to ensure there’d be enough food to eat. We thought Medicaid was the substitute for money that would’ve bought healthcare had there been enough (And had the U.S. not gone with the single worst healthcare system, for-profit capitalism). Marco is indicting the American wage, not fatherless families. If one parent made $25 an hour instead of $12, think about all the social problems it would solve?

But Marco doesn’t want to think about real solutions for issues. He just wants to indict a stereotype. His meaningless message got a heated response, immediately:

And so on and so on and so on… Oh, and remember, even a guy with the greatest father on earth can be a fck-up. But, be a good dad anyway, give it a shot.

Happy Fathers Day
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