Trump’s Family Cost US Taxpayers around $141,000 for Secret Service in His First Month Out of Office

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Prior to his departure from the White House, President Trump did something that is considered highly unusual and extended Secret Service protection for his four adult children for six months.

According to records obtained by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, this decision cost US taxpayers nearly $141,000 in the first MONTH after he was out of the White House.

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The report showed that between the dates of January 21 and February 21, taxpayers paid $140,975.14 for the Secret Service detail for Trump’s grown children. CREW reported transportation costs of $52,296.75 and hotel costs nearing $90,000.

The group noted that these records do not reflect what Secret Service costs would have been at Trump properties and that is where he and his adult children often stay – meaning that the ACTUAL costs to taxpayers is even higher than what is included in these newly obtained documents.

While in office, Trump and his family members were frequently in the headlines for their luxurious lifestyle, which included numerous trips to Mar-a-Lago or other Trump golf resorts, all at the expense of American taxpayers.

The Washington Post reported that Trump properties had made more than $8 million since Trump’s inauguration.

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The Trump administration ushered in an era of seeing foreign countries with embassies in Washington, DC begin to host huge events at Trump properties, a move that ethics experts say was made in the hopes of gaining favor with the president.

The Post once reported on the shocking amount spent by Saudi-funded lobbyists shortly after the 2016 election season when rented 500 rooms at the Trump International Hotel: it was more than $270,000.

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Even more jaw-dropping is the nearly $2 million dropped at Trump hotels and resorts by the Republican National Committee during Trump’s term in office.

Trump’s campaign itself, funded partially by the president’s supporters and donors, has shelled out OVER $14 million at his properties.

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Of course, all this seems like peanuts compared to what Trump’s repeated efforts to overturn the election cost the US taxpayers, which added up to $519 million. Long story short, taxpayers have footed the bill for the Trump family and their agendas for years now and continue to do just that.

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