‘I Have Not Conceded’ the 2020 Election

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Former President Donald Trump reaffirmed in a new interview that he has not conceded defeat in the 2020 election, months after losing it.

Real America’s Voice host David Brody spoke to Trump on Monday, and asked for the former president’s reaction to recent articles stating Trump admitted to not winning re-election. Those headlines were based on a moment last week when Trump spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity and said “we were supposed to win easily at 64 million votes, and we got 75 million votes, and we didn’t win. But let’s see what happens on that.”

Asked to clarify whether he admitted defeat, Trump said “No, I never admitted defeat. We have a lot of things happening right now…All you have to do is read the newspapers and see what’s coming out now. The word is concede. I have not conceded.”

Ever since Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden, he has pushed unsubstantiated claims that the election was “stolen” from him and corrupted by mass fraud. That rhetoric fueled Trump’s supporters as they stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th in a violent attempt to overthrow the election, yet the former president continues to rail against the election’s legitimacy.

The interview went on from there — with Trump once again repeating his claims that the election was “a fraud.” At one point, Trump went on a tangent about his disappointment with former Vice President Mike Pence for refusing to help him dispute the election after dozens of failed attempts in court.

Well, I’ve always liked Mike, and I’m very disappointed that he didn’t send it back to the legislatures. When you have more votes than you have voters in some cases and when you have the kind of things that are, that were known in many cases they were known then, but they’re certainly getting better and better known now. I was disappointed that he didn’t send it back. I felt he had the right to send it back, and he should’ve sent it back. That’s my opinion…I think you would have found that you might very well have a different president right now had he sent ’em back.

After Pence refused Trump’s unconstitutional order to block Congress’ 2020 election certification, he was targeted by the pro-Trump insurrectionist mob who were filmed chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” Trump lashed out at Pence that day for refusing his order, and most recently, the ex-veep was heckled with shouts of “traitor” while he spoke at a conservative event.

Watch above, via Real America’s Voice.

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