Sen. Tommy Tuberville Sounds Alarm on Critical Race Theory

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Senator Tommy Tuberville weighed on Critical Race Theory Tuesday morning in a speech on the Senate floor, warning citizens that the hotly debated topic is teaching kids to “hate one another.”

Critical Race Theory” has quickly become one of the most hotly debated issues in the country right now, with Republicans and Democrats taking opposing sides on the matter. Fox News has become remarkably focused on the topic, so it is no surprise that the freshman Republican Senator from Alabama would also be critical of the topic.

Tuberville said, “Critical race theory is pushed on school districts across the country.” Many elected Republicans call for critical race theory to be eradicated from school curriculums, stressing their view on its “divisiveness.”

Tuberville went on to boldly claim that “Critical race theory teaches kids to hate one another.” He also accused Democrats of supporting the academic movement to “change the way we view our country.”

While it is widely acknowledged that the movement aims to educate American children better, Tuberville went on to claim that “What we should be focusing on is actually improving education.” While he did not provide any suggestions on how to achieve this, he stressed that “The American people need to realize how far we’ve fallen behind.”

While Critical race theory seems to be drawing the ire of many Republicans, former President Barack Obama has criticized critics of the movement for “stoking racist fears.” NBC’s Chuck Todd has also dismissed the outrage around the movement as a “manufactured” controversy.

Tuberville, however, is not the only Republican publicly fighting against Critical race theory. South Carolina Republicans, including Reps. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and Nancy Mace (R-SC) signed a letter this week condemning Universities Clemson and The University of South Carolina to incorporate Critical race theory into their curriculum and call on the two schools to stop teaching it.

Watch above via C-SPAN.


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