Kayleigh Comes VERY Close to Accusing Psaki of Committing Crimes in COVID Briefings

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Other than Trump, it is likely that Kayleigh McEnany has been the most exposed as a serial liar. But like any good MAGA, Kayleigh is not letting the truth stop her from charging forward as the sanctimonious one who has never been wrong. We wonder where she learned the tactic.

During a segment on Fox and Friends, Kayleigh was asked about Jen Psaki’s “lies” about spying on people for spreading disinformation on Facebook. Jen Psaki has not lied but one would never know it from Fox’s coverage. The question was framed by Hegseth as:

“You have such unique perspective having stood at that podium. What’s it like to watch Jen Psaki stand there and openly state we are working with Facebook? At one of the press conferences with the surgeon general, they used the phrase ‘misinformation’ 35 times over the course of that briefing.”

“Can you imagine a counterargument… I mean, it’s Orwellian. And it’s happening right out in front of our eyes.”

Facebook is a private company that is about the most public forum in existence, it is not “spying,” and Facebook is the entity that determines whether to take the posts down. Misinformation regarding COVID is not subtle, nor Orwellian in this context. Kayleigh took the example and went so over the top that it is laughable:

Imagine if I had stood at that podium, Pete, and said we’re censoring the lies about Lafayette Square that President Trump gassed protesters for a photoshoot. That never happened. Imagine if I had said we’re censoring that. We’re censoring information that, you know, doesn’t agree with the [COVID-19] lab leak theory. We’re censoring information on Russia bounties. All those things were lies!”

The tear-gassing was not for a photo shoot? It never happened? She then essentially accused Psaki of committing a crime:

 “I just tried to make sure I said everything accurately. She’s managed to stumble into a legal morass and I guarantee you there are a few people at the DOJ, at social media who are very unhappy with the things that were said at that podium.

People died due to lies and misinformation that Kayleigh dropped in that press room. Other than Trump, those lies might have been some of the most dangerous ever uttered from the White House. It is not stopping her now. This is a very dangerous person because she remains powerful among the MAGAs.

Peace, y’all
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