Fox & Friends Spar Over Mask Mandates and Covid Vaccines

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Things got a little more tense than usual on the consistently convivial curvy couch Thursday morning as the co-hosts of Fox & Friends debated mask mandates, vaccines designed to abate the spread of Covid-19.

At issue? President Joe Biden revealed during a CNN Town Hall Wednesday night that the CDC is considering guidelines for the coming school year, including mandatory masks for children under the age of 12 who are currently not eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine. ” The CDC is going to say everyone under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school,” Biden said. “Those over the age of 12, if you are vaccinated, you shouldn’t wear a, of course, that. If you aren’t vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask.”

After Griff Jenkins reported on Biden’s comments, an exasperated Brian Kilmeade appeared to parade his ignorance on the benefits of masks for unvaccinated children, as he said, “that’s unbelievable, kid abuse again.” He then revealed details supporting why he thinks asking unvaccinated kids in schools to wear masks is so bad.

“There’s a zero percent chance of death, zero to four years old, from this virus statistically; from five to 17, 0.1% of people have lost their lives in that age group,” Kilmeade stated. “So you’re going to mask up an entire generation for maybe two full years. Can you imagine that?”

Taking the gentle tone of a loving parent calming down a petulant child, Steve Doocy reiterated what had just been reported. He patiently explained, “As Griff said, it’s all about because the kids are not vaccinated.”

Wedded to his frustration, Kilmeade fired back, saying, “They don’t need to be statistically. Statistically, they don’t need to be vaccinated.”

Ainsley Earhardt entered the fray, saying, “Most of them don’t get symptoms if they get Covid, but  I still don’t want my daughter to get the new variant. I don’t want her to get Covid at all.”

Still not getting it, Kilmeade continued and returned to his handy fact sheet. “Right now, statistically 2% of all cases in kids. The downside is kids are not going to develop emotionally for an entire two years now through those ages that are so vital for their development.”

Doocy reminded viewers again why he has become a consistent voice of reason on Fox & Friends reminded his colleague, “The worry is the kid would pick it up at school and take it home and kill somebody in their family. That’s why they are considering that.”

“Then that family member can get vaccinated!” Kilmeade pivoted. “If an adult is vaccinated, there is no problem. If they chose not to get vaccinated, that’s their problem!”

Doocy reminded his co-host, “But, Brian, there are 90 million Americans that are not vaccinated,” to which Kilmeade exclaimed That’s their choice!”

Fox & Friends is 99% a cheery show in which, other than the constant aggrievement on display about a variety of issues, is largely convivial, which is what made this relatively tense moment stand out, particularly as a stubborn segment of the nation seems to willfully stay ignorant on the benefits of the Covid vaccine and other mitigation efforts.

Watch above via Fox News.


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