LISTEN: Audio Clip Released Of Trump Blaming Capitol Police For Insurrection

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In an audio clip from a new book, Donald Trump seemed to skate right up to the edge of admitting that January’s insurrection attempt, carried out by his fans who hoped to overturn the election in his favor, after he called on them to march to the Capitol Building and fight for him, was actually an attack on American democracy, before he veered away to point a blaming finger at Capitol Police.

[Photo by Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images]

I Alone Can Fix It, by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, details Trump’s last year in office, telling stories from behind the scenes with insights gleaned from interviews with insiders, and of course, with the ex-president himself. Trump and his team have been denying the stories coming out of this and other new books centering on his time in the White House, but an audio excerpt reveals his own voice, responding to an interview question — and blaming Capitol Police for letting protestors in.

In the space of seconds, Trump pivots from insisting that the mob was a ‘very loving crowd’ to disparaging police officers for taking selfies with them inside the building.

In the interview, Leonnig asks him what he wanted, what his goal was, when he stood on a stage and told his supporters to fight for him.

Trump responds, saying, “Not to go in, although they were ushered in by police.” After a few moments of attacking Capitol Police for their role in the attack, Trump turns back to the question: “Personally what I wanted is what they wanted.”

Bear in mind that what the attackers wanted, in their own words, included the deaths of both Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, as well as overturning the outcome of the election.

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