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Douglas County, MO

July 20, 2021

It seems that right now our country is divided. On the one side we have drought and extreme heat and on the other side we seem to have below normal temperatures and lots of rain. (I know! There are other types of division, too, but I’m not going there!)

The Daily Bucket is a nature refuge. We amicably discuss animals, weather, climate, soil, plants, waters and note life’s patterns.

We invite you to note what you are seeing around you in your own part of the world, and to share your observations in the comments below.

It seems like very time I go for my morning walk lately I see the mist rising over the hills — and that is before I even leave my driveway:

The presence of the mist almost always guarantees that there will be dew on the grass and wildflowers. But this particular morning it had been raining, so it was not surprising that I was getting dripped on while walking under the trees. My walking shoes are supposed to be waterproof, but maybe that is only from underneath. The tops of my shoes were quite wet — and by the time I got home, so were my socks!

The sun was not shining, so no starbursts can be seen in these photos, but there is still something special about seeing these tiny raindrops on everything:

Raindrops glistening like jewels along the stem of this vine

And under my feet the dead leaves from last fall were wet and trying to cover the mushrooms that were appearing everywhere:

And I do mean everywhere!

On a hillside they are growing almost on top of one another:

I didn’t look this one up — could it be another chanterelle:

Leaving the undergrowth of mushrooms behind, I reach the hayfield and again, everything is covered in raindrops:

There is pokeweed growing there, too. Most of the buds are still green, but starting to flower white at the tip. It will be a while before the berries appear:

I keep going back to the tangle of vines covered in raindrops:

Flowers covered in raindrops — and tiny insects:

Seedbox with a tiny hopper on it:

Asiatic Dayflower:

Even the view through the undergrowth was sprinkled with raindrops:

And the Passion Flowers are blooming:

And the Blackberry Lilies (Iris Domestica) — which are not really lilies at all, but rather members of the Iris family:

That’s all for me!

What’s happening in your neck-of-the-woods?

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