Twitter Aghast at Parent and Child Mask-Burning Protest

Video of a small protest at the Idaho statehouse quickly went viral on Saturday afternoon after social media reacted in shock and exasperation.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter Sergio Olmos filmed the gathering of roughly 150 anti-mask protestors gathered on the Idaho Capitol steps, where the group then held a symbolic burning of used masks, with numerous children being encouraged by their parents to toss the masks into an illegal burn barrel brought on site.

As of Thursday, 15 states no longer have mask mandates in place with two more — Texas and Alabama — having just made controversial announcements identifying a future, set date when their mask restrictions will end. Idaho was one of 11 states that never put in place a requirement to wear masks.

The images of children joining in the performative protest ignited a number of reactions, from disgust to outrage to disappointment, as the country still averages more than 60,000 new cases a day and roughly 1,800 deaths.

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