Amy Schumer Responded To The Totally Real Picture Of Her Truck Stop Doppelgänger “Who Killed A Pedestrian Once”

Amy Schumer trended on Twitter yesterday after a picture of her look-alike began making the rounds because of just how close the resemblance was and also, like, everything else going on in the image. But apparently, this is part of a fraudulent social media account that frequently trolls society via Photoshopped tomfoolery, so yeah….

The picture was supposedly taken at Celina 52 truck stop in Celina, TN. Although, The New York Post reached out to Danny Brine, who claimed to be Celina 52’s shift manager as well as their social media assistant. He explained that Celina 52 is a pseudonym for a real truck stop in Upper Cumberland, Tennessee that had been around since the early 80s. They use the fake name because their social media accounts are (in the words of The New York Post) “raunchy, offensive and sometimes racist.” They even have a Facebook account with over 50,000 followers. Danny said:

“Due to our content, we must use this name. The real location has been around since the early 80s… These aren’t our actual opinions. but the best moments are when someone thinks a post is 100% serious and gets upset about it.”

So this particular image which went viral featured a woman allegedly named Amelia who seemed to have just won a Monster energy drink fridge. There’s much more to it. Beyond her absolutely elegant “Truckin N Fuckin” shirt which needs to be in the pages of Vogue, there’s also the teardrop tattoo under her eye and a sign in the background that reads: “Stop Pooping In Our Parking Lot.” It’s like a Monet:

There’s a good reason why that picture looks like it was set up for clicks, that’s because it is. But just partly, so says Danny. While Danny claims the teardrop tattoo story is real, he admits that the pooping sign is fake. Although, Danny added that “pooping in parking lots happens way too often.

After everyone mentioned how “Amelia” is Amy Schumer’s twin, Amy herself commented with this:

Danny claims he didn’t know who Amy was before the post went up.

Celina 52’s parking lot isn’t the only thing that stinks of shit because I’m calling foul on this viral image. Don’t be surprised if Amy has a Netflix special out soon called “Truckin’ N Fuckin’.”


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