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Millionaire Investors Believe in the Bitcoin Boom

The cryptocurrency markets have spurred mixed emotions among different types of investors and traders throughout the world. Some have lost hope after succumbing to the recent crypto winter. However, wealthy investors still have faith in cryptos. They intend to pump more money into the market in the next three years inspired by the latest bitcoin boom. A recent survey revealed that two in every three millionaires (68%) already have crypto or plan to add it to their portfolios by 2022. The confirmation of this research came from over 700 investors from 13 countries throughout the world. All the participants have at least £1 million of investable funds. The research reveals that the wealthy are continuously diving into digital token markets. As the latest bitcoin boom attracts more investors, the universal acceptance of digital currencies is growing consistently. Cryptos are now regarded as the […]

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Does Putin intend to go to war with Ukraine?

The Ukrainian Tribune | “Does Putin intend to go to war with Ukraine?”, asks Owen Matthews (contributing editor and former Moscow and Istanbul Bureau Chief for Newsweek) on the pages of The Spectator during the fifth consecutive year of the Russian war against Ukraine. One valid question indeed.

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China State Run Media Broadcasts Anti-American Movies To Millions Amid Deepening Trade War 

With the trade war between the US and China suddenly erupting after a 5-month ceasefire, CCTV 6, the movie channel of China’s leading state television broadcaster, aired three anti-American movies last week, reported What’s On Weibo. The three movies are Korean war films: Heroic Sons and Daughters (1964), Battle on Shangganling Mountain (1954), and Surprise Attack (1960), which aired about one week after President Trump raised an existing 10% tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25%. All last week, anti-American propaganda flourished across the country, with the slogan “Wanna talk? Let’s talk. Wanna fight? Let’s do it. Wanna bully us? Dream on!” going viral on Chinese social media platforms. CCTV 6 broadcasted the movies to 500 million people in 23 provinces. The films fall under a category called “Resist America, Help North Korea,” first debuting at the end of the Korean War […]

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