3 mins ago

    ‘Sea Monkeys’ show how tiny critters churn ocean

    Swarms of tiny ocean organisms known collectively as zooplankton may have an outsize influence on their environment. These clusters of…
    4 mins ago

    Hugh Jackman ‘Busted’ for Sneaking Into Greatest Showman Screening

    Hugh Jackman got caught singing his heart out to his own movie. The actor, 49, snuck into the back of…
    6 mins ago

    Carrie Underwood Tricks Her Son with Makeup

    Late last year, Carrie Underwood suffered a fall that resulted in her receiving 40 stitches in her face. Don’t worry,…
    7 mins ago

    Should Software Engineers Care About Ethics?

    via Wikimedia It’s time for engineers to hold themselves accountable. In his essay, “Design’s Lost Generation,” Mike Monteiro describes how…

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